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How to protect the monitor! LCD Screen Cleaning Tips


1.Tips for Cleaning LCD Screens

Display is one of the most frequently used IT products in our daily life. Whether working white-collar workers or household users, they must start their LCD at least once a day. Therefore, both internal and external LCD need to be cleaned and maintained irregularly. However, if it is not cleaned properly, there will also be damage to the display.

Generally speaking, we use soft non-fibrous materials to wipe LCD screens. This can not only prevent scratching the screen in the cleaning process, but also make the dust on the liquid crystal surface quickly stick to the cleaning cloth through the good water absorption and vacuum absorption of the non-fiber material cleaning cloth itself, and even if repeatedly wiped, it will not stay on the liquid crystal surface again.

Before cleaning the LCD screen, make sure to turn off the power supply of the display and unplug the power cord. Then place the display in a place with better natural light. In theory, it is enough to clean the LCD screen with clear water. But in this way, we must remember to twist the clean cloth with clean water to dry, slightly damp. If there is a little stubborn stain on the LCD screen, special liquid crystal screen cleaning solution is needed. It should be noted here that no matter what kind of liquid crystal screen Cleaning Liquid you choose, it can not be sprayed directly on the liquid crystal screen. This will easily cause the phenomenon of flower screen and black screen of LCD screen.

2.Clean monitors require attention to detail maintenance

First, when there is more dust on the surface, it is necessary to wipe the floating dust on the LCD screen surface gently with a dry cleaning cloth, then spray the cleaning liquid on the cleaning cloth, and then wait for the cleaning liquid to permeate into the cleaning cloth completely, wipe it gently along a direction on the LCD screen, not repeatedly back and forth, and control yourself at the same time. Strength. After several repetitions, the cleaning of the LCD screen was completed.

LCD screen cleaning seems simple, in fact, there are many details that need to be cared about. Clean environment and tools are all elements to consider. In addition to the accumulated dust, there are also some man-made reasons for the surface of the LCD screen to form dirt. For example, when indicating the content displayed on the LCD screen to the other party, we should habitually use the mouse to operate, instead of pointing with hands or pens. It is very easy to leave indelible scratches on the surface of LCD screen if you don't pay attention to them.

LCD develops rapidly, and higher technology guarantees consumers'feeling of using LCD. At the same time, it also requires consumers to use the fragile LCD screen more carefully. If the screen is not well protected, no excellent display technology can be fully displayed, and the value of the display can not be reflected.

3.TUW Brand Cleaning LCD Screens Agent

Main ingredients: 9-fluoroisobutyl ether
Content > 99.5%
Non-volatile residues (NVR): <1 ppm
Appearance: Colorless and transparent
Ingredients: (CF3) 2CFCF2OCH2CH3
Molecular weight g/mol:264.09
Boiling point: 76
Freezing point: - 138
Liquid density g/ml@25 C: 1.430
Surface tension dynes / cm @ 25 C: 13.6
Solubility of Solvent in Water ppmw:<20
Solubility of water in solvents ppmw:74.4
Steam pressure mmHg@25 C:109
Latent Heat of Evaporation @Boiling Point KJ/Kg:119
Ozone Layer Destruction Potential ODP:0
Global Warming Potential Coefficient GWP:55
Atmospheric life/year: 0.77
Flash point: none
Permissible concentration TWA/ppm:200

Packaging: 1 kg and 5 kg in two forms of packaging, special needs can be used according to customer requirements of industrial barrel packaging.

Transportation: Transportation should avoid direct sunlight, keep the transportation environment cool and dry, and avoid damage to packaging containers by external forces.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark, dry and ventilated place, keep the container closed.

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