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Dawning "full immersion liquid cooling" technology makes energy saving no longer "depend on the sky"

[global network science and technology comprehensive report] on July 16, Shuguang energy saving company of China Science and technology announced that with the commercialization of Shuguang's "full immersion Liquid cooling" technology, "data center" single cabinet power entered the 160kW era, and pue (total energy consumption / IT equipment energy consumption) also dropped to 1.05 and below, making data center energy saving no longer "depend on the sky". At present, the first "full immersion liquid cooling" server group in China has been running smoothly.

According to he Jisheng, general manager of Dawning energy conservation, the "data center" has entered the 5.0 era. In addition to its standard and modular features, the pursuit of low energy consumption and "high computing density" has become a trend.

"Full immersion liquid cooling" technology makes data center energy saving no longer "depend on the sky"

"Data center energy saving can't always rely on the sky for food, the natural environment can't be copied, and it's not conducive to the flexible configuration of computing resources." At the "dawn energy saving" data center product media exchange meeting, "dawn energy saving" general manager he Jisheng said that with the development of IT industry, data center energy consumption, computing density and other topics are causing social concern.

In order to reduce the energy consumption of data center - "pue value", cloud computing and Internet enterprises with large server groups have set up "data center" in remote areas with rich water resources and cool climate. Although this reduces pue, it does not have reference and replicability for most enterprises.

"With the popularization of standard and modularization of data center cabinets, it is possible to build large-scale data centers in remote areas in a short time. But for 90% of enterprises and institutions, it is unacceptable that the configured "data center" is far away from users, away from the backbone network, and lost the convenience of operation and maintenance. " He Jisheng said that in order to provide users with convenient, standard, flexible energy-saving and high computing density data center solutions, as early as the dawn of 2012, he explored the core technology of reducing data center energy consumption - "full immersion liquid cooling".

He Jisheng introduced that more than half of the energy consumption of traditional data centers is used in cooling computing equipment. Therefore, reducing cooling energy consumption is the key to data center energy saving. After years of R & D and practice, Shuguang has mastered the industry-leading "full immersion liquid cooling" technology. Relying on this technology, the c8000 blade computing module developed by Shuguang can calculate the power of a single cabinet up to 160kW, and the pue value up to 1.05 and below. Compared with the traditional air-cooled data center, it can save more than 30% of the power.

Dawning "full immersion liquid cooling" calculation module-c8000

In addition, with the advent of 5g era, it is a trend to configure high-density edge data centers in user intensive areas. Dawning liquid cooling "data center" computing module provides a reliable and energy-saving system solution for the user's "edge computing" node configuration in dense areas. This will also accelerate the realization of high interactive and complex computing scenes such as cloud games, cloud 3D, cloud rendering design in 5g era.

More than 40 liquid cooling technology patents realize four "first time in China" in four years

In addition to the "full immersion liquid cooling" technology, Dawning has accumulated a lot of technical patents and construction experience around the energy saving of data center and the demand of different industries for computing density.

He Jisheng introduced that dawn rate first launched the first standardized mass production cold plate liquid cooling server in 2015, and completed the first large-scale application project of cold plate liquid cooling server in that year. In 2017, it delivered the first commercial full immersion liquid cooling server in China, and completed the first large-scale application project of immersion liquid cooling server in this year. Up to now, Shuguang has more than 40 "liquid cooling" core patents. In addition, more than 40 "liquid cooling" related patents have been filed.

Dawning "full immersion liquid cooling" servers in stable operation (local)

Shuguang data center series products have air-cooled standard modules to meet the needs of low-density computing, liquid cooled plate modules to meet the needs of high-density computing, and "container type" computing modules to meet the needs of disaster relief, outdoor exploration and other special working environment. These computing modules have been widely used by electric power, meteorology, finance, communication, Internet enterprises, university research institutes, etc There are tens of thousands of "low energy consumption" and "high density" computing nodes provided by light.

Lu Tiantian, Secretary General of the energy conservation technical committee of China data center, said that at present, the power consumption of the national data center has been growing at a rate of more than 12% for eight consecutive years, and the total power consumption is expected to reach 296.2 billion kilowatts in 2020 (the total power consumption of urban and rural residents in China in 2018 is 968.5 billion kilowatts).

LV Tiantian introduced that at present, the first tier cities have put forward the hard index of pue value for energy conservation of new data centers, but now many data centers that have been built or are under construction fail to reach the pue value, so the transformation and upgrading of the existing "data center" is also a challenge for energy conservation.

From the perspective of the whole industry, "liquid cooling" technology is the most reliable and feasible solution to reduce the energy consumption of data center, which is expected to accelerate the national "data center" into the "liquid cooling" era.

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