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production process of optical glass lens cleaning and selection of cleaning agent


It is well known that the optical glass lens processing industry is a very demanding industry, and the standards of the production workshop or the production process must be controlled (for example, all personnel in the clean room must wear white clean clothes, etc.), and There is also a strict process in the cleaning with optical glass cleaner. Only by strictly controlling the production process and allowing the workers to strictly follow the requirements, can we control the quality of the optical glass produced and processed, so what needs to be done in daily production?


First, daily production preparation work

1. Wear labor insurance products as required

2. Inspection and maintenance equipment and tools;

3. Seriously review and categorize the production process flow on the same day;

4. Prepare various working materials according to production requirements, such as which optical glass cleaning agent to choose;

Second, the production process requirements

1. When the glass lens is placed on the film, the two lenses must be pulled apart to prevent the collision angle, and the spacing is two roller paths.

2, when the glass lens is to be classified and stored, you can follow the following methods

A, according to white glass and color glass classification, according to ordinary glass lens and coated glass, LOW-E glass lens classification.

B. The placement of the glass lens ensures that one side is neat and placed on the principle of first big, then small, first long and short, which is convenient for clearing the handover.

C, patch and special emergency glass lens can be placed directly with the same thickness of glass lens, but should be placed outside to facilitate processing.

D, the glass lens is placed on the iron frame, the corner contact part should be padded paper.

E, hollow / laminated plastic and other paired glass lenses should be placed in the same position to facilitate post-processing.

F, classified according to the thickness of the glass lens

G. Placed by delivery date.

Third, paired optical glass cleaning:

(refers to the different thickness of the glass, the pairing of different colors, the different pairs of varieties), strictly according to the process card card number cleaning, and the corresponding glass must also correspond.

Fourth, daily production summary: truthfully fill out the production process card

The content includes equipment, real number, team, completion signature, acceptance signature, time, etc. If there is a template, the template should be indicated on the process sheet. When the glass is transferred, it should be done: the process card should match the glass quantity in the amount of glass, and the sheet should not be transferred. Templates are also transferred together. The recipient will sign and sign the time in person. When using a hydraulic car to move the glass, the rope is tied as required, and should be carefully pulled gently to prevent the glass on the iron frame from being crushed. The residual glass of the waste shall be promptly returned to the relevant cutting table in the cutting area.

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