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How to clean your car interior? use the interior cleaner and car vacuum cleaner

1 appearance and details back to the top

[ Professional Evaluation] During the Festival, many car owners will choose to travel by car and share family fun with their families. However, the car must be maintained after the holidays. Most car owners only care about the cleanliness of vehicles, but they pay less attention to the cleanliness of the interior. These dusts and allergens will continue to circulate in the car and cause human skin and respiratory problems. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of a car.

The interior space of the car is relatively narrow, and the residue left by the opening and closing of the door, the entry and exit of people, smoking, or eating some food can cause a great deal of maggots and bacteria to grow, and also produce some irritating flavors. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the car interior. Next, the author will share with you the cleaning methods for all parts of the car interior, and only need an efficient vacuum cleaner to solve these problems.The space inside the car is relatively narrow. The door switch or the residue left by people's import and export or smoking or eating some food will lead to a large number of maggots and bacteria growth, and produce some irritating taste, which will make the people sitting in the car very uncomfortable and endanger their health for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the interior of the car. Next, the author will share with you the cleaning methods of all the parts inside the car, which only need an effective vacuum cleaner and interior cleaner to solve these problems.

Brand Dyson Dyson Model V6 car+boat Product Link More Details Images Quotation Parameters Compare User Reviews Measurement Quotes

The PConline Appliance Evaluation Room will bring you an efficient vacuum cleaner. It is the Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner. It is designed specifically for car interiors and home cleaning. With the sixth-generation digital motor, up to 107,000 revolutions per minute can produce strong suction. The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with Dyson's patented 2 Tier Radial cyclones double radial cyclone technology. The 15 cone cyclones work simultaneously to produce high centrifugal forces, which enable them to capture fine dust. At the same time, the whole machine uses the HEPA filter system to eliminate the secondary pollution of the pollution source.

“TUW ”brand indoor cleaner, safe, non-toxic, harmless

● appearance and details

overall appearance

Every household electrical appliance Dyson designed by Dyson, let Xiaobian feel the beauty of its industrial design (here Xiaobian is a fan of Dyson). The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner uses a combination of scientific and technical silver and blue colors. The top silver-gray Tier RadialTM Cyclone double-layer multi-cone cyclone design highlights, together with the clear transparent dust collection tube, these eye-catching marks make people intuitively feel Dyson's industrial design.

The Dyson V6 Car+Boat is equipped with the Tier RadialTM Cyclone double-layer multi-cone cyclone technology: it consists of 15 cyclones arranged in two layers and operating simultaneously; each cyclone has been fully optimized to bring more powerful airflow and With centrifugal force, even the tiniest allergens can hardly escape.

The cordless design is also a highlight of the Dyson V6 Car+Boat. It is not constrained by wires and eliminates the limitations of the cleanliness range. Therefore, cleaning car interiors is the most efficient. The entire machine was held in one hand and did not feel tired. The front fuselage is a one-touch quick-change joint, the middle position is the dustbin and double radial cyclone position, followed by Dyson Dyson's patented sixth-generation digital motor, filter system and battery pack, making it look lightweight Translucent and full of sense of science and technology.

Detailed description interior cleaner

The Dyson V6 Car+Boat Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has only one red physical button on the handle. It only takes a long press to turn on the vacuum cleaner for cleaning. When the hand releases the button, the vacuum mode stops. At the same time MAX button is also provided on the back of the body to provide users with a powerful mode to deal with a variety of deep cleaning.

The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld car vacuum cleaner is equipped with a quick-release suction head design. The user only needs to align the interface and insert it to hear “咔嚓” to indicate that the connection is completed. It is quick and easy. By pressing the gray button, you can quickly remove it by gently pulling it. Dyson designers not only consider the cleanliness of the car, but also take care of the needs of the home environment. The user is equipped with 4 suction heads and 1 extension tube, which can remove dust mites and allergens in many places in the home. Including electric mattress sucker, crevice cleaning nozzle, crevice soft (wide mouth) dual-use suction head and stubborn dirt brush.

The bottom battery capacity of the main unit is 2100mAh, and the maximum cleaning time is up to 20 minutes, while testing under the MAX position can work for 6 minutes continuously. Due to the strong suction power of dyson's V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner, the time spent on interior cleaning or household cleaning will be shorter.

Summary: Dyson Design products give consumers a sense of black technology regardless of appearance or real experience. Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld car vacuum cleaner eye-catching family mask, not only can clean the interior of the car but also to clean the home environment, let consumers feel the beauty of its industrial design. Simple one-button operation is started, easy to use.

2 Filtration System & Suction Stability Test Back to Top

filtering system

In the previous article, Xiao Bian mentioned the problem of allergens several times. Secondary pollution is a fatal injury to vacuum cleaners. They may discharge dust and allergens that have been inhaled through the air outlet again. The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld car vacuum cleaner uses a complete HEPA filter system, two filter protection, rear motor filter can absorb and filter 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergens and all kinds of dust, The air discharged after treatment is fresh and sanitary. Both filters are washable with water and do not require periodic replacement, and no consumables.

The user only needs to use the rotation method and twist to the corresponding position of the blue dot to easily take it out. The large dust holding capacity can guarantee the use time of this filter and high filtration accuracy to avoid secondary pollution. And it can be used as new after drying by washing.

Suction stability test

A good vacuum cleaner is mainly experienced in its strong suction. Dyson's sixth-generation digital motor, Dyson's patented high-power density motor, built using digital technology, speeds up to 107,000 revolutions per minute, delivers long-lasting, powerful suction and cleansing capabilities, while ensuring that the new vacuum cleaner is lightweight and compact. Easy to control.

We will use the wind tester to see if there is a reduction in the amount of inhaled air after the dust collection bin is filled with garbage after working for about 5 minutes.

It can be seen from the test that, after a long period of work, the dust in the suction drum is still covered with dust, but the inhaled wind force is still not weakened. This is mainly due to Dyson's dirt separation design. Abandoning the traditional dust bags and filters, the patented double-layer cyclone technology can provide long-lasting unabated suction.

3 Electric Bed Sucking Tip & Extension Tube + Stubborn dirt brush back to top

4+1 tip design for cleaning in different positions inside the car

Electric bed sucker test

Car carpets, home allergens clean, how can you get less bed mattress cleaning it? Car carpets are full of mud, dust, and cracked biscuits, and these trash can easily breed roundworm allergens. Dyson's electric bed pods are equipped with a nylon hard bristle brush that penetrates the surface of the mattress and stirs the fibers, leaving dirt and allergens behind. This has the advantage of not only cleaning the surface of the mattress but also tapping the dust inside the fiber. With the strong suction of the vacuum cleaner, these beaten dust allergens are sucked away.

This time, we specifically sought a black car carpet for cleaning tests. We used white powder, mud, and potato chips on a black carpet to make these junk allergens more visible.

From the test, it can be seen that the white powder and the citron velvet are pressed on the black carpet. We can hardly clean it by hand or using an ordinary vacuum cleaner. However, the use of Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld car vacuum cleaner equipped with electric bed sipping head, the cleaning ability Xiao Bian can only use one word to describe "bull." With the suction head crossed, the pure black ground is immediately restored, and the carpet fiber has no dust residue.

Extension tube + stubborn dirt brush

The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with an extension tube for the user. This extension tube uses a soft rubber extension design. The user can clean the hose in a narrow position inside the car by using different brushes. In this way, you can avoid the small space inside the car and it is difficult to clean it.

From the above figure you can see the position of the car throttle, covered with dust and sand. If it is difficult to clean the Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner with a stubborn dirt brush directly, but it can stretch freely after using the extension tube, it can easily reach the throttle position to pick up dust and garbage.

4 crevice cleaning tips & crevices fur (wide mouth) dual-purpose tips back to top

Clearance suction head

The crevice cleaning brush head is mainly used for sucking out some corners of the car, such as seats, cup slots, and other small and narrow environments. The flat long narrow design makes it easier to work in any narrow environment.

We found children eating the rest of the potato chips in the seams of the car seat, and these crackers would remain in the corner environment of the seat. We use the crevice cleaning head to see that its adsorption capacity is quite strong and it is quite easy to clean and clean these blind spots.

Gap fur (wide mouth) dual purpose suction head

Through the snap-fitting and disassembling for one second, it transforms into a multi-functional cleaning. Through the dual-purpose tip of the slit soft fur (wide mouth), the air conditioner's air outlet, instrument panel and other environment can be removed.

5 coping with home cleaning back to the top

Coping with household cleaning

The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum cleaner can not only clean the car interior, but also respond to different home environments. The electric bed sucker used is the best allergen removal tool. Bed bugs are prone to mite allergens. The worms are born by eating dander from our bodies. Their excrement is the culprit causing us allergies. The Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld car vacuum cleaner provides users with an electric bed squeegee suction head. The electric suction head continues to rotate on the mattress with a soft brush to penetrate deep into the fiber and hide it in the deep layer. The worm's excrement and their food source, human dander, are sucked clean.

This small series specifically covered multilayer towels on the inner layer, and then added powder on the lowest layer. Look at the Dyson V6 Car+Boat's electric bed cleaner with a car vacuum cleaner. Whether it smoothly beats the powder inside it, and it is sucked directly by the vacuum cleaner's suction port.

By snap-fitting and disassembling for one second, it becomes a multi-function cleaner. Through the slit soft fur (wide mouth) dual-purpose suction head, dust on the lamp shade, bedside table and other surfaces can be removed. We will use a laptop keyboard to test to see if the keyboard's bumpy location is clean.

The crevice cleaning brush head is mainly used for sucking out some corners of the home, such as window seams, corners, and the bottom of sofas. The flat long narrow design makes it easier to work in any narrow environment.

6 Maintenance and Care back to the top

Maintenance and maintenance

When using a motorized bed sipper to clean the surface of the mattress, the roller brush can be wrapped around with hair or wool. You can use the one-dollar coin to unscrew the side of the roller and remove the entire roller brush.

Dyson designers to reduce the user's chance of contact with dust and allergens, use the red button next to the dust collector, press down to open the bottom of the dust box, dump the trash directly into the trash, the user does not need In addition contact.

When dust is trapped in the filter of the motor and the air outlet, the filtering effect and the dust suction capacity will be reduced, which will greatly reduce the elimination of dust and allergens. So we must maintain it regularly. The rear motor filter can also be removed by rotating it for cleaning. This rear motor filter is mainly to filter inhaled dust and allergens, thereby eliminating secondary pollution. According to the official, it can remove 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

The two filters can be cleaned with water, ensure they are completely dry and then put back into the machine. The filter that can be washed also saves users a lot of consumables. The two filters can be washed with water to ensure that they are completely dry and then put back into the machine. Cleanable filters also save users a lot of consumables.

Full text summary: Dyson V6 automobile + marine hand-held automobile vacuum cleaner combines Dyson's various technologies with the beautiful appearance of industrial design, which has user-friendly functions and makes it easier for users to use. The use of Dyson's sixth-generation digital motor can bring lasting suction, while the double-layer Multi-Cone cyclone technology can achieve dust separation. In particular, the electric bed sucker can be used to suck all allergens in the car by tapping the nylon brush. A variety of sophisticated combinations and the use of long hoses can be used in different situations in the car and room.

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