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Only DIY has liquid cooling technology? No! Mobile phones are also available.

On September 10, OPPO launched its new flagship mobile phone OPPO Reno2 in Shanghai. With its super photographic ability, OPPO Reno2 has aroused heated discussion in the mobile phone circle. The focus of the discussion is on its upgraded image system, but this time it is different. Today we will borrow OPPO Reno2 to discuss the heat dissipation of mobile phones.

As long as the use of mobile phones can not avoid the problem of fever and fever, and in summer the temperature is high, the cell phone fever is more serious. Mobile phone fever will inevitably lead to frequency-down Katon, which greatly affects the use experience. OPPO Reno2 upgraded this technology on the basis of the previous generation of heat dissipation technology, adding heat conduction gel, three layer graphite and copper tube Liquid cooling three heat dissipation technology, which can be said to match the heat dissipation system used in notebook computers. Next, we will test how strong OPPO Reno2 liquid-cooled heat dissipation technology is through two hours of heavy operation of high-quality games.


01 Test Conditions and Methods

First of all, we choose two games, Peace Elite and Glory of the King, to conduct a one-hour heavy test each. In the ambient temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the background program (controllable variables) is cleared, and the two games are tested in two successive rounds. The fuselage temperature is measured every 1 hour to record the heat dissipation performance of OPPO Reno2.


Fluke TIS60 Infrared Thermal Imaging Instrument

This paper briefly introduces the equipment of this test, Fluke TIS60 infrared thermal imager. Fluke (Fluke) is a professional manufacturer of basic industrial testing equipment in the United States. The device supports 100% focusing and detects the heat everywhere in the cell phone. It captures an infrared image with 640*480 pixel resolution.

02 The measured heat dissipation performance of Peace Elite meets expectations

Let's not say much. Let's take a game test. Peace Elite is a shooting game based on Fantasy 4 engine, which we are all familiar with. Small partners'daily gathering "eating chicken" is always an activity. In the actual test, the game painting quality is tuned to the highest default, the picture quality is high definition, and the special effects are all on.

Peace Elite sets the highest picture quality and has a stable frame rate of 30 frames (data from Gamebench)

The rainforest model was chosen because of the dense vegetation and more complex terrain. The requirement of GPU image rendering for mobile phone is higher than other modes. And the faster the processor runs, the higher the corresponding calorific value, which is more convincing for testing the heat dissipation performance of mobile phones.

In the course of the actual measurement of the game, such as parachute landing, 180 degree turning, picking up equipment, driving a car and front gun, OPPO Reno2 did not show any delay, and the operation of the game was very smooth. OPPO Reno2 remains in 30 frames all the way. Although the current picture quality is less texture, the official follow-up will support the game to 60 frames, which is worth looking forward to.

OPPO Reno2 can predict the status of mobile phone in real time through Game Boost 2.0 system. When we click into the game, the system will respond to the performance requirements of the mobile phone, so that the touch response is faster, while reducing touch insensitivity. Officials say this technology can improve the frame rate stability by 35.8% and touch performance by 35.2%.

OPPO Reno2's 730G Qualcomm processor improved CPU performance by 25%. It also joined an independent NPU and achieved twice the performance improvement of AI, which made it more effective in dealing with the mainstream large-scale games on the market. At present, OPPO Reno2 only supports HD mode in "Peace Elite" game. Compared with HDR HD, the picture has less delicate texture and room for improvement.

Hot performance of oppo reno2 in the game of peace elite

Take a look at the fever performance of OPPO Reno2 in this round. In HD mode, after 1 hour of testing. The maximum temperature of OPPO Reno2 is 41 C on the front, 39.3 C on the average, and 38.7 C on the back, 36 C on the average. The performance is very ideal, basically in line with the normal temperature performance when running the game. However, OPPO Reno2's liquid-cooled heat dissipation technology plays a greater role in the long-term sustained release of high performance, which will gradually be reflected in the next test.

03 Measured liquid cooling heat dissipation of King's Glory ensures continuous output of processor performance

Next, the test of "King's Glory" and "King's Glory" 2.0 gradually approached the PC level of end-to-end quality, and now also opened up a higher frame rate of quality, which undoubtedly put forward new requirements for mobile phone hardware. We set the game screen to the highest level.

High frame rate mode, group battle mode "King Glory" game frame rate stable about 60 frames (data from Gamebench)

In the actual test, we set the game to high frame rate mode and tested it through 5V5 regiment battle. OPPO Reno2 keeps the full frame state of 60 frames throughout, and there is no obvious fluctuation of frame rate. The combination of Qantong 730G + liquid cooling and heat dissipation makes the game performance scheduling of OPPO Reno2 very active throughout.

What's more surprising is that OPPO Reno2 has not experienced Carton frequency reduction for a long period of continuous performance output, and the finger has not felt "burning sensation". I believe that many small partners in life have a long time of crazy game playing experience, encounter this situation, which undoubtedly put forward requirements for the heat dissipation of mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that we have continuously tested "Peace Elite" for one hour, followed by "King Glory". After the completion of the game test, OPPO Reno2 did not appear the phenomenon of hot fuselage. It can be said that OPPO Reno2 triple liquid cooling technology can continuously cool the mobile phone while we play the game, keep the CPU "calm" and ensure the continuous loss of performance. Out.

This also indirectly increases the sense of immersion and substitution in the game. After all, no one likes to play in the "burning machine" state. In winter, the situation is good to have a warm baby. In summer, try holding a warm baby. That's nothing to blame.

OPPO Reno2's Fever Performance in The Glory of the King

Finally, the game test is completed. The data show that the highest temperature of OPPO Reno2 front reaches 43.7 C, with an average of 40.4 C; the highest temperature of OPPO Reno2 back reaches 38 C, with an average of 36.4 C. With the help of liquid cooling technology, OPPO Reno2 will not encounter the problem of processor frequency reduction in long-term games, which ensures a long full frame game experience.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that OPPO Reno2 carried liquid cooling heat dissipation, graphite heat dissipation area increased by 29% compared with the previous generation, with AI technology, the author quit the game, the fuselage temperature will soon fall. From this point of view, OPPO Reno2's heat dissipation capability is outstanding.

After a long time of high-quality game testing, we found that OPPO Reno2's back high-temperature area mainly focused on the camera area, while the front high-temperature area mainly concentrated on the upper part of the screen. The temperature perception of the actual palm contact during the game is much lower than the temperature perception of the above test. And OPPO Reno2 won't have a sudden increase in temperature after a period of time in the game, the temperature rise is more balanced, as far as the heat dissipation experience is concerned, it has done quite well.

From the actual game experience, the heat dissipation performance of OPPO Reno2 can have such a result. The heat conduction gel, three layer graphite and copper tube liquid cooling three heavy heat dissipation technology are of course contributions. Finally, it is combined with the AI cold storage software and hardware combination, and at the same time, it also saves electricity. It provides excellent performance and power balance for mobile phones and lays the foundation for game experience.

--------- This article is from Zhongguancun Online

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