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What is the best care for the automotive industry of protecting consumers for the automotive industry


Nowadays people's income status is more and more, and there are more and more people who have the conditions to purchase cars. People are most worried about the use of the environment, especially the restrictions on private cars in some places, which has dampened people's enthusiasm for buying cars. Beijing is one of the largest cities in China. At present, the number of civilian vehicles is about one tenth of the national total. The sales volume of cars in the Beijing market is one-seventh of the national sales, and it is promoting the entry of cars into the home. On the other hand, Beijing has set an example for the country and is worth learning and drawing from elsewhere.

In 2003, it was a hot year for the Chinese auto market. The total output of the first 11 months has exceeded 4 million, of which the production and sales volume of sedans exceeded 1.8 million and 1.73 million, respectively, an increase of 83.74% and 69.95% year-on-year, and the annual total output exceeded 4.2 million vehicles is a foregone conclusion. China has become the fourth and third largest country in the world in automobile production and sales.

Faced with the rapid growth of automobile production and sales volume, it is delighted that management departments and experts are worrying about the automotive industry: excessive production capacity will damage the Chinese automobile manufacturing industry, that is, manufacturing enterprises will greatly reduce the level of income. The car that people are most concerned about is that the increase in output has exceeded the sales increase by 13.79 percentage points. According to the report, the inventory of finished products of 14 state-owned key auto companies has increased by 42.5%. Currently, the inventory of cars has increased to 136,000, and the manufacturers have generally increased investment. The planned increase in production capacity has been doubled. going up. Some people have calculated that by 2008, if the proposed production capacity will be able to be formed, China’s auto production capacity will reach 15 million, and the excess production capacity will be confirmed.

Concerns for the automotive industry have not started today. For decades, whenever the auto market sales are a bit tired, management departments have to worry about the efficiency of manufacturing companies, and the market is in short supply. When consumers increase their prices, they rarely buy. Someone is wronging consumers. From the management department and experts' point of view, only car manufacturers represent the national interest, and consumers are totally personal behaviors when they buy a car. They are not concerned about the fact that they are not affected by the loss. Do not you see, for decades, the automotive industry has always been opposed to "scattered" poor, even to the point where "four wheels will be able to sell money," and firmly hold the market access to the door, rather the market demand exceeds supply, can not Disorderly planned economy. We say that “scattered from the lack of development”, people can't hear it, and the market supply is not enough, and the “scattered mess” can't be managed.

Concerns for the auto manufacturing industry are justified. With excess production capacity, market competition will intensify, market profits will inevitably decline, and investment will not receive high returns. Concerns for the automotive industry should also be due, because the auto industry is basically dominated by the state-owned economy, even if the vehicle manufacturers are now a joint venture, the state-owned capital is not less than 50%, the state-owned capital is the hard-earned money of the entire country, the loss Who doesn't feel bad?

From the “entry into the customs” to the “entry into the WTO,” over the more than a decade of negotiations, the automobile industry that we insisted on protecting should protect only the interests of the automobile producers, but sacrificed the interests of consumers.

In fact, the market is where the interests of the automobile manufacturing industry lie. That is to say, with the market, the interests of the manufacturing plant are the only ones. Without the market, the interests of the manufacturer are the water without a source, and there is no source of the wood. In the past few decades, despite our high level of protection for the automotive industry, we have been slow to develop. This is because we only pay attention to protecting the interests of manufacturers, resulting in high automobile prices and severely damaging the interests of consumers. As a result, the automotive market is developing slowly. Manufacturers also lost the opportunity to expand themselves. To the detriment of the interests of the consumers, it is ultimately the lifting of the stone that hits the foot of the manufacturer.

In the past two years, due to the increase in manufacturers entering the automobile manufacturing field, the automobile market has become increasingly fierce. Manufacturers have to drop their prices, and products are constantly being refurbished. This has stimulated consumers' desire to buy and the market has expanded rapidly. Only with the good situation of today's great development, car manufacturers have also obtained the greatest benefit.

Why is the more worried about the excess production capacity now, the more enthusiasm of the manufacturers to invest? Management departments do everything possible to maintain the interests of manufacturers, but manufacturers are not sympathy, the reason is that the current auto market is very inadequate, the market risk is very small, the production of cars still have high returns, the manufacturers will naturally ignore your set . If companies are allowed to open their hands and let them compete, the profit margin for producing cars will be small, and their investment impulses will be greatly reduced.

To protect the auto industry, we must first protect the interests of consumers, protect and cultivate the auto market, and only fundamentally protect the auto industry. Only with a certain surplus of production capacity will there be real competition. Only genuine competition will protect the interests of consumers. We will not need to worry about the excessive production capacity, and we will use our energy to cultivate market effects. will be better.

On the eve of the New Year's Eve, two good news came from the Beijing market. First, the Fifth Ring Road cancelled charges, and the second was that car inspections no longer required proof of parking berths. From a local point of view, the economic income of the relevant departments will certainly be reduced, but from an overall perspective, the use environment of automobiles can be improved, which will greatly benefit the development of the automobile industry.

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